Welcome To "Star Trek: New Worlds", my fan fiction anthology.

I'm Jason K. Hauck, the webmaster of "Star Trek: New Worlds".

I'm 33 years old, from Surrey B.C. Canada.

I love fan videos and fan fiction. Geocities had to make the decision to terminate their website service, in addition to the fact I needed to keep my basic website creation skills sharp in the event I needed them again someday. I currently work as a shelf-stocker at a Farm Market in West Vancouver. As Geocities announced their closure, I realized I'd need someplace to display updated pictures n' stuff to show to my family (and to my friends at The NHB Room @ The Pork.Com,) so it all worked out.

I'm hoping this part will be where I feature updated contributions from my Yahoo Group members in '09 & 2010.
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